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2021 KAWASAKI Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

MSRP:   $17699

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V Twin



Advertised price excludes tax, title, registration, freight and dealer setup.  $250 Military Discount thru 3/31/2022.

2021 KAWASAKI Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

V-Twin Engine

Long stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC engine designed to deliver high levels of torque.

Liquid-cooled A/C generator reduces the temperature of generator stator coils and thus increases output to handle additional accessories.

Semi-dry sump(KP) design reduces overall engine height and keeps excess oil away from the crank to prevent power-robbing stirring loss. Oil is stored in the transmission, which eliminates the need for an oil tank. Triple oil pumps (2 scavenge and 1 feed pump) help reduce stirring loss and provide superb oil circulation.

Water jackets surround only the top quarter of the cylinders and the polished-edge fins match the cylinder heads while attractively tapering to the cylinder bases.

High-performance forged pistons(KP) are lightweight, stronger and more heat resistant than cast versions. Oil jets help cool the pistons for added durability.

Dual primary engine balancers (KP) and rubber engine mounts (KP) help isolate high-frequency vibration while providing the rider with the core power-pulse feeling of the muscular engine.

Single-pin crankshaft for that classic V-twin rumble and characteristic pulse.

A cam damper mounted to the end of the crankshaft protects the drive train by damping large torque fluctuations yet helps emphasize the pleasant torque pulse.

Digital Fuel Injection (KP)

Dual 42mm throttle bodies with Atomizing Fuel Injectors produce a fine fuel mist for better combustion and fuel consumption.

Electronic Throttle Valve (ETV) (KP)

The throttle pulley operates an acceleration position sensor (APS) that uses the ECU to send a signal to a small motor that actually operates the throttle valves. This makes throttle pull very light for reduced rider fatigue and the more precise throttle control results in better performance, smoother running and increased fuel mileage.

Using a cable-operated APS eliminates expensive switch housing electronics that can be damaged and costly to replace should the motorcycle get tipped on its right side.


Cruise Control

Works in conjunction with the ETV to automatically maintain a set speed when in third gear or higher and when traveling between 30 and 85 mph.

Convenient controls located within easy thumb reach on the right handlebar.

Kawasaki Air Management System (KAMS)(KP)

Kawasaki Air Management System (KAMS) helps increase rider comfort at a stop. All V-twins present engine heat challenges, especially full dress models with leg shields, since the rear cylinder and exhaust pipe is almost directly under the rider and the rider’s legs. The front shield routes radiator heat down to the ground below the engine, while the rear fan draws air away from the rear cylinder and exhaust pipe and directs it to the ground on the left side of the motorcycle.

Kawasaki is the first manufacturer to provide, as standard equipment, an effectively designed air management system to help provide a noticeably cooler rider cockpit. This system is particularly effective in warm weather while stopped in traffic, or for extended periods of low  speed operation such as during staging for group rides.

6-Speed Transmission

Overdrive 6th gear helps reduce rpm at higher speeds and helps increase fuel mileage.

Gear position sensor communicates with the ECU to help reduce fuel consumption and adjust timing to provide better power feeling, and an indicator on the speedometer allows the rider to monitor current gear position at a glance.

Belt Drive

Lower unsprung weight than shaft drive to improve ride quality and suspension action.

Carbon fiber belt provides much more strength than Kevlar while allowing the belt to be narrower.

More efficient so more power reaches the rear wheel. Low maintenance and low noise.

Large steel box-section backbone frame is very rigid and helps contribute to high stability and lightweight handling at low speeds.

Low profile reduces seat height for an easier reach to the ground.

Dual Air-Assisted Rear Shocks

Air shocks provide a wide range of adjustment to match the load or riding preference.

Special spring rates to match the increased weight of the saddlebags.

Triple Disc Brakes

Dual 300mm front discs and a single 300mm rear disc stop with authority.

Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking

Technology (K-ACT)(KP)

K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) ABS is a linked brake system that ensures ideal brake force distribution for confident, highly effective braking.

Electronic system controls brake force distribution between the front and rear brakes to enhance overall braking performance, no matter how hard the front and/or rear brakes are applied.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is incorporated into K-ACT to help prevent the wheels from locking during hard, straight-up braking for enhanced control.

For maximum controllability in tight corners or when making U-turns, K-ACT does not engage when braking is initiated at speeds below 12 mph. The ABS disengages at speeds below 4 mph.

Frame – Mounted Front Fairing

Large front fairing and windshield help block the wind for increased rider comfort.

The fairing is mounted to the frame to help maintain light steering.

Retro-style dashboard is located within the fairing with a 1960s-style speedometer and digital audio system display.

Leg shields on the front engine guards minimize wind on the rider’s legs. Adjustable air intakes allow the rider to control the amount of air reaching the legs for added touring comfort.

Huge Saddlebags and Tail Trunk

Large trunk is big enough to hold two full-face helmets and provides a convenient backrest for the passenger.

LED tail/brake lights are located high on the trunk for better visibility to following motorists.

Locking saddlebags carry an amazing amount of long-distance gear.

Sturdy saddlebag and trunk locks keep gear secure.

Large frame-mounted chrome saddlebag guards emphasize cruiser image.

Passenger Footboards

For maximum comfort on long rides.

 Full Feature Audio System

Navigation audio prompt capability allows voice prompting audio to be heard through the speakers (or Kawasaki Genuine Accessory Helmet Headsets) when using Garmin Zumo 600/665 GPS. (Kawasaki Genuine Accessory GPS mount, adapter kit and GPS sold separately.)

AM/FM tuner with front fairing-mounted speakers is standard equipment.

Easy-to-use audio controls are located within easy thumb reach on the left handlebar.

Standard audio system is equipped to easily expand with optional XM™ tuner, CB radio, audio adapter kit that works with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and rear speakers accessories.

Classic Styling

LED taillight provides excellent visibility when activated, and makes a strong visual statement with chrome surround.

Tank, seat, fenders, saddlebags and details designed with a classic 1960‘s feel.

Adjustable front brake and clutch levers enhance rider comfort and styling.

Electric Speedometer

Electric design reduces weight and eliminates the front wheel drive unit and cable for a cleaner look.

Analog speedometer face evokes memories of the ‘60s.

Digital displays include odometer, trip meter, clock, fuel range and average mpg.

Gear position indicator makes it easy to determine which gear the transmission is in at a glance.

36-Month Warranty

Vulcan Voyager models feature a 36-month factory warranty.